Who We Are and What We Stand For

The U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking intends to end Human Trafficking in the United States through prevention, combating demand, the rescue of victims, and providing safe refuge for the restoration of survivors.  We are a nonprofit, faith-based organization anointed by God to fight against human trafficking in America with truth and integrity, showing the love of Jesus Christ to all involved.  With offices in Tampa, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Austin, we are addressing the national problem, and also doing so with on-the-ground services. 

Our focus on the prevention of human trafficking in the United States is being accomplished through combating demand in new and innovative ways, raising awareness, educating our youth, disruption of trafficking activities, advocating a consolidation within the industry to maximize efficiencies, and collaborating with organizations who are expert at rescuing abducted youth currently engaged in the sex trade.  Our work is also done in conjunction with Federal, State and local government officials who sit in a position to influence policy on ending trafficking in America.

As a non-profit organization, we are committed to operate with utmost financial accountability to our donors who provide the funding necessary to carry out these activities.

Our Board of Directors